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Your Suggestion for Better India
Matt Curl ,Dubai
The technological advances of crime prevention and detection system of developed countries must be followed. HeliCoptors, Smart (belly less) COPs with good personality must be given preference to the dull and fat COPs in the crime detection squard.
Amit Kumar ,Delhi
the police department should publicize the information so a common man would know there is a recourse to his frustration with the police. And this would make the police staff more responsive and maybe even make them treat people with respect and dignity
Salim Khan ,Hyderabad
There should be an internet site for each Police Station at this we should be allowed to post our complaints and could be even used to tip off the police. This site should be checked by the Police incharge of each police station and keep his/her Seniors up to dated on the on going and the progress.
Sujith ,Sharjah
Interesting Topic but is it worth discussing here ?
Rajat ,Dubai
Why don't they use Indian Army to act as police in villages where there are no police stations nearby ?
Kiran ,Sharjah
I suggest that Indian police should be more educated and trained. It is difficult to even make them understand what we need.
Nowfal ,Sharjah
Police department want to give the oders without any disterbence by political parties, law is equal to all, all the people do the things in a right way, they dont want to do any unlawful activity. if we did this we easily change india.
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